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She’s keeping a secret… He’s determined to uncover it…

In need of inspiration, Paige Turner, New York editor and up-and-coming author, fashions her romance hero after her high school crush—the sexiest, most famous man in her hometown of Deer Creek Falls, Minnesota. When she returns home to run the family bookstore while her grandfather recovers from a fall, she’s surprised to find her books have become popular, threatening the secret she’d like to keep. Unlucky at love and thinking her happily-ever-after is meant only for the characters she writes, Paige comes face to face with her real-life muse.

Pro baseball player Ethan Reynolds is reeling from an injury and a broken heart. Trying to keep busy, Ethan agrees to search for the author behind the pen name who writes the sports-themed romance books the locals love so much. When he runs into Paige Turner, she’s no longer the awkward, shy girl next door he remembers; instead, she’s a stunning blonde bombshell who makes his heart race. But what is it that she’s keeping from him? As much as he’d like to get close enough to find out, the last thing he needs is to fall for a woman with no plans to stay.

Find out who catches who in this unforgettable small-town romance.

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