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The Friendship Pact is the fourth book in the

Ellie Rhodes Deer Creek Falls series, a small-town romance full of gossipers and meddling matchmakers.

This series is co-authored by identical twin sisters who love writing about the quirks of being twins through their characters. Discover the town of

Deer Creek Falls.

The Friendship Pact

Sometimes rules are meant to be broken.


Kate Davis is ready for a fresh start, and moving to the small lake town of Deer Creek Falls to open a coffee shop is the perfect opportunity. When the sexy sheriff comes to her rescue at the side of the road, she’s not immune to his charms, but she’s determined to look and not touch. To keep from risking her heart again, she’s sticking to the advice she read in a magazine and living by the “Ten Rules for Keeping a Guy in the Friend Zone.” Unfortunately, rules can be hard to follow.


Newly elected sheriff Nick Reid takes the responsibilities of his role seriously. He doesn’t need any distractions, particularly not of the romantic kind, but the town’s newest resident, dark-haired beauty Kate Davis, makes him second-guess himself. To his relief, Kate’s not interested in getting involved either, and he’s happy to go along with her friendship pact. But can he stay in the friend zone when his heart tells him he wants more?


Find out what happens when the rules no longer apply.


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DCF-NICK-6x9-web small.jpg
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