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Forever Treasured is the fifth book in the

Ellie Rhodes Deer Creek Falls series, a small-town romance full of gossipers and meddling matchmakers.

This series is co-authored by identical twin sisters who love writing about the quirks of being twins through their characters. Discover the town of

Deer Creek Falls.

Forever Treasured

Traveling nurse Tory Hanson is happy to have left her hometown of Deer Creek Falls, Minnesota, behind. When her mother unexpectedly dies, Tory must briefly return to her childhood home, but her goal is simple: clean out the house, sell it, and never look back. Trouble is, her mother has left her something she never expected: a clue that sets her off on one final treasure hunt—a hunt that might just make her see things differently.


Taking over the family business and running the Deer Creek Lodge is all Cole Reid has ever wanted. That is, until a mysterious, stunning redhead kissed him at midnight last New Year’s Eve, set his heart racing, and then disappeared without a trace. Since then, he’s been unable to get her out of his mind, so when Tory Hanson arrives in town and he realizes she’s the woman he’s been looking for, he jumps at the opportunity to help her. He soon realizes, though, that if they’re going to turn their intense chemistry into something more, he either has to reexamine his own plans, or find a way to convince her to stay.


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